Hello and welcome to holism.space! We publish both essays and recommendations.


DESCRIPTION: This website aims to present a variety of reviews on many topics, while tying them together to look at the whole of the state of media! The design of the site is an intentional choice to harken back to the 90s (as well as the use of neocities to host) while still presenting something readable with regards to modern conventions. Expect to see reviews down below as they are written. Reviews are posted on occasion, with recommendations posted more often than essays. The essays are longer analyses on works of media that may or may not have been living rent-free in the writer's head, while the recommendations are much shorter (though longer than a tweet) and just exist to shine light on something the author thinks is underappreciated.

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LICENSE INFO: All work on the site is unlicensed. However, please do not republish without attribution, and if you use any work here, I'd prefer you cite it. If you do not follow these rules I will be so fucking mad. In practice I bet this is a CC-BY-NC license. The site also uses a heavily modified version of Tufte CSS for sidenotes, under the MIT license.

The exception is if the work is being reused privately for academic purposes (plagiarizing an essay) for instance. We encourage this. However Google does index us, so maybe change the words around, OK?