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This "article" is by Diana of Swordmouse.

I highly recommend looking up “cyberbullying stock photos” if you have free time and want to have a good chuckle. If you don’t have free time, though, I understand. No worries. I’ve compiled some good images for you. No need to thank me for this incredible act of public service.

The actual existence of cyberbullying is not funny. However, as with almost* *The word cyberpunk isn’t exclusively used by technologically illiterate people, but, like, insert dunk on Cyberpunk 2077 here. anything containing the prefix “cyber,” the word “cyberbullying” is only used by people who are ludicrously out of touch with technology, which means that images meant to represent cyberbullying are very funny.

Here, I will be presenting an assortment of images found by googling “cyberbullying stock photo.” I will loosely arrange them in ascending order of how funny I find them.

One common trope in cyberbullying stock photos is a distressed person, often this one particular model in a gray hoodie, in a dark room, cowering before their computer or monitor.
Many of these take place in the same white brick room, presumably from one photoshoot. The models display a wide range of emotions in reaction to, I assume, being trapped in this room with their worst enemy: a computer.

This particular person can scarcely bring themself to look at this laptop, the brand of which they have disguised with duct tape. The mystery-brand laptop’s harsh glare casts dramatic shadows over the scene. I believe that the technical term for the lighting here, if this image were a painting, would be chiaroscuro. Fun fact: I learned the word chiaroscuro because it was the name of a rat in The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo.

This child is just kind of bummed about what’s happening on the laptop. This isn’t the first time they’ve been cyberbullied, if that’s what’s happening here. Look at that bored expression. They’re so over it. That’s the face I make when I see Steven Universe discourse for the thousandth time.

The lighting’s even harsher here than in the last picture. My mom would tell this kid that they’re going to strain their eyes if they keep staring at a computer screen in the dark.

This person is horrified by the laptop’s crimes! “Dear god,” they say, “what have you done, laptop? Why do you show me such wicked things, you cruel, uncaring machine?” They plead with the laptop. “What, I ask of you, causes this cyberbullying? And where did I put my blue light glasses? My eyes, they burn!”
The gray hoodie model is in a bunch of the white brick room photos, sometimes reaching out to cover a monitor that is clearly powered off. I question whether it is even plugged in.
Gray hoodie model does NOT want to see this blank screen.
Ugh! Blank screen! Terrible!!
Gray hoodie model cowers before the almighty monitor. It looms above them, completely free from wires or keyboard now. It sees them. It cyberbullies them.
They scream in fear and pain. “AAAAAAAAAA!!! MONITOR!” Is there no way to defend from the omnipresent, cyberbullying monitor which traps them in this white brick prison? This is the end, they think. Or is it??
In a shocking twist, the cyberbullied becomes the cyberbully! They hold the unplugged monitor at gunpoint. “Go ahead,” the dark, silent screen seems to jeer, “take the shot. Prove that you are just as terrible as I am. Come on, you coward, do it!”

We may never know how this sordid tale concludes.
I kinda wanna photoshop out the obviously photoshopped text on some of these and replace it with "how do you rotate text in MS Paint."
This is realistic, actually. My hands also do this when I’m frustrated with something on my computer. And if my laptop got a virus which caused its blank screen to simply display a text reading “FREAK” in all caps, I would be frustrated.
I hate it when someone texts me !@#$.
I believe the text in this low-res photo says “Ur a loser.” The sliding phone definitely dates this picture back to the Golden Age of People Talking About Cyberbullying. Also, the Venn diagram between old people who use the word “cyberbullying” and old people who think they understand “text speak” is a circle. Whoever made this image probably thinks that LOL stands for Lots Of Love.
Love to simply text someone the word "CyberBully... "
“Maybe if I hide under this box like Solid Snake, the cyberbullies infesting my unbranded laptop won’t spot me.”
This photo has incredible white brick wall photoshoot energy, and yet it does not take place in that accursed room.
This one would actually make a pretty good reaction image. Next time someone asks how I am, I am going to respond with this photo. Like, who hasn’t been there, right?
My archnemesis, badgrl2, exclusively bullies me in my Word Docs.
Ah, yes, the “Report cyber bullying” button.
Ah, yes, the “Bullying” button. There are so many good things about this picture. The way they turned the shift key red and put the word “Bullying” in a font and position that doesn’t look natural at all, trying to avoid having any part of the word underneath the finger. The finger poised to press the bullying button. The mere idea of having a physical button on your keyboard for the sole purpose of... what? Bullying people automatically? If you press this button, does it send your enemies rude emails? This image raises so many questions and answers none of them. I am enchanted by it.
Another cyberbullying stock photo trope is hands coming out of your monitor to point accusingly at you.
I especially enjoy how this model stares beseechingly into the camera, as if to say, “you see this shit?”
Here’s a more stylized depiction of this phenomenon. Notably, the hands are now large enough to grab the cyberbullying victim and wring the suffering directly from their pathetic cyberbody.
Mask I wear when I cyberbully.
...Actually, wait, I think I recognize that gray hoodie and auburn hair. It couldn’t be...
The hand is back — and this time, it’s personal.
I’ll admit that I’m stretching the parameters of this review by including an illustration, but it did come up in my search.

Anyway, this is absolutely my favorite of these images. I love the blank screen that simply reads “Cyber Bullying,” two words. I love the long-tailed rat wearing jeans, sneakers, and a tee-shirt. I love that, instead of simply going for the wordplay of “All with just a click of the mouse,” the artist inexplicably made it a rat instead, as if viewers would be confused by the obvious pun. I love that the rat is posed as if he (I am arbitrarily assigning a gender to the rat) is about to jump into some kind of portal which will take him into Cyber Space, where he can Skate Board down the Information Super Highway, Cyber Bullying all he lays his beady little eyes on. I support this rat. He can send me as many mean anon messages as he wants.