I can't say what it is that makes a good conversation feel more real and authentic then a monologue and narration, even when it's clear that the other person is only there to listen and sympathize. Despite the fact that this game has blunt and oftentimes hamfisted writing, it feels very authentic, like the creators stole transcripts from my discord account. It's about two friends reminiscing on their high school memories, and really hammers home the feelings of someone who was an outcast in high school, but also still subscribed to the social structures, and was still very mean to people who didn't deserve it, even if you didn't think you deserved the hate you got either. Or, the people who didn't receive hate, who got invited to parties, but had a general sense of not belonging. The only thing unrelatable about this game is the use of Facebook for the conversation, but this adds a layer of browsing, and justifies the fact that the protagonist closes it at the end of the game. That is, after all, the only good thing you can do on Facebook.

The game... you know what? It's 5-10 minutes. Go play it. Here's the link.Don't put it on your backlog.

After that, I'll share some more detailed thoughts on the experience, here.