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For sites like these, Sundays are typically a more relaxing casual time, in order to catch up on what the week's demands may have made one miss. Although this site is more Rock Paper Shotgun or Pitchfork cosplay than anything, I feel it might be helpful to do the same, and round up any obscure and interesting media the site's "staff" has to recommend without requring them to write too much about them. Below is one recommendation from each member of the website's staff (that wasn't too busy this week). Any regular readers are strictly required to check all of these out. In order to confirm that you have, please email us at

Casey A. Malik (Lead Editor/Webmaster):

Big $ilky is an all-girl rap duo that raps over boom bap beats with an incredible amount of energy. They manage, through strength of rapping and catchy choruses, to turn current events into catchy songs, like in "1800FVCK12." They've released two albums this year already: their second is faster-paced and I prefer it for that reason. They remind me of whatever it is other people see in Run the Jewels.

Kit Riemer (Lead Writer/Stealer of Valor):

Louie Van Patten is a painter based in Oregon whose subjects transcend the typical, banal figures one often sees in visual art. There are many detailed human portraits, often with bright backgrounds contrasting gory, glitchy additions to their faces and bodies, but what I appreciate most about Van Patten are his many, many paintings of Bert from Sesame Street: Bert screaming in horror, Bert multiplying like the creature from The Thing, Bert howling in agony as his face catches on fire, Bert lying prone, eyes gazing sightlessly up at a sepia toned sky from a Come And See-esque postapocalyptic hellscape. Van Patten's Bert is a creature constantly warping, constantly horrified, constantly dying in hideously painful ways. I love his Bert with all my heart.

Skylar V. Lalonde (Indie Game Consulant/Certified Kinnie):

Soulless 5, the fifth song in the Soulless series by ExileLord, was written specifically to be really hard to play in Guitar Hero. ExileLord is a well-known figure in the Guitar Hero community, writing original songs with charts that can push pro players to their limits. Soulless 5 came out back in 2018, but I only discovered it a month or so ago. It's 17 minutes of a really interesting synth rock style that I can and have listen(ed) to for dozens of hours. Watching pros' reactions to the chart is fun, but give the song itself a shot, too.

Rachael "Nova" Sheogayrath (Purveyor of the Weird/Professional Jester):

WAKING LIFE (Purchase at your local video store!) is an experimental surrealist film designed to replicate the feeling of a dream, and out of all the media I've seen with that stated goal it is the most successful at capturing that feeling. There is very little plot; just unnamed characters in vague spaces eloquently discussing subjects like philosophy, sociology and metaphysics. Some are actors playing out scripted scenes and some are actual experts in those fields talking to the camera, relating the kind of dialogue that just passes through you and leaves you relaxed, as if the movie were designed to be half-watched. The factor that best invokes the tone of a particularly vivid dream is the rotoscoped animation style, traced over real footage- the art style shifts from scene-to-scene, just slowly and subtly enough for you to not notice at first. It’s a visually fascinating jaunt through a bizarre dreamscape that I’d especially recommend putting on right before going to bed.

Nicole Rodriguez (Retro Game Consultant/Midnight Wanderer):

Rex the Sheep is a YouTube channel that mostly focuses on puzzle games and retro game content. They make "documentary-style" videos regarding various subjects that I personally find quite interesting, with just a tiny dash of comedy thrown in between, which is a style of video I personally really enjoy. My personal recommendation would be their video on the Multi-controller Super Game Boy games, mostly because I personally find the Super Game Boy to be quite an interesting piece of hardware.